10 Best Golf Tips For Beginner Golfers From Our Golf Coach

The learning curve for golf can be challenging for some. We are here to give you some useful golfing tips especially for new golfers. 

Here are 10 best tips for beginner golfers from our pro golf coach:

1. Focus on the fundamentals

Here, it is important to master the fundamentals including golf swing, putting, and chipping. Of all the things that need to be addressed, the main idea is to practise your golf swing, putting and chipping to help you in the long run.

2. Always check on your alignment

Learn to position your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line before hitting the ball. Always keep the set distance from the ball and double check your body’s alignment.

3. Find the right grip

Your grip on the golf club plays a big role in your motions in a game of golf. Determine what is the most comfortable grip for you that gives you the maximum control. A good grip leads to accuracy and consistency of your shots.

4. Golf lessons are worth the money

adult-golf-training-subang-jayaEngaging a golf instructor can help you brush up your golfing game especially in the beginning of your golfing adventure. Signing up for professional golf training is helpful because it helps golfers to establish proper traits and habits whilst they are still beginner golfers. Choose a golf coaching program for your level. This will be a good investment in the long run.

5. Familiarise with golf etiquette

Similar to learning actual playing of the game, knowing the proper golf etiquette is key too. Golf safety comes first on the golf course and all golfers need to obey the rules of the golf course and be aware when other players are around. This way, everyone will be able to have a good time on the golf course. 

6. Get fitted for your golf clubs

Finding clubs that you can comfortably use depending on your body build and the way you swing the club will help a lot in your game. A golf club fitting session is a useful process through which you will be able to know the best golf clubs that suit you and with which you are comfortable to play with on the course.

7. Don’t become a driving range rat

Although it is good to practise at the driving range, please get yourself on the golf course for an actual golf experience. Playing a round on the golf course gives a golfer a variety of experiences about different ground situations and gives an overall experience of the gameplay.

8. Golf is a fun game

Also understand that, at the end of it, golf is intended to be a fun game to play. Do have a positive attitude and refrain from getting angry when playing golf.

9. Importance of practice

The idea that practice makes perfect has its place here. Make sure that you allocate a certain amount of time to work on your golf swing and putting skills. This will help in creating muscle memory and improve your golfing performance.

10. Play often and learn from others

Watch and learn golf from other pro golfers to learn some of their tricks.

In a nutshell, learning these tips early on is beneficial for beginners. Golfing if learned correctly earlier on would easily set good traits in terms of golfing habits. 

Do contact our golf academy by phone call, Whatsapp or drop us an email for more information on our professional golf lessons. Happy golfing!