Golf Coaching Programs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Enrolling in a comprehensive and intensive golf coaching program in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor is necessary when you are golfing. Our golf coaching program and classes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has provided structured golf lessons by a group of best and well-experienced coaches to guide each player step by step. Other than making sure our players build up a stable foundation, we do our best bringing joy and pleasure when you join our coaching programs. 

The learning experience of golf lessons is important for the players to be interested in golf. When we are playing it with heart and it is in our interests, it can be more productive. This makes finding a suitable golf school even more crucial.

Why sign up for our golf coaching program?

Our golf coaching programs are available personalised and also in a small group. We understand that every student has their own pace to learn things, hence the players can choose to learn under their preferrable circumstances. 

We provide golf coaching programs not only for leisure but also corporate customers. If you are a pro who aims for winning in a golf tournament, we have the most professional coach to improve your golf expertise in no time.

Moreover, our players can socialise with other golfers which creates a fun learning environment. While socialising with other golfers, they can motivate each other and learn from one another. Most importantly, they can make more friends through our golf coaching programs.

Lastly, we do have a tailored golf training. The coach will personalise a suitable training lesson for you according to different stages. Providing you the best solution by pointing out your weakness and improving it right away. By tailoring the right way to master golf, we help you to unlock your unlimited potential in golf and become the top golfer.         

Currently, our golf coaching program is available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor only, contact us through our customer service for more details on our programs. We are looking forward to training you like a master!

In our golf school, what will you learn from our golf coaching?

  • Learn Golf Skills – Our coach provides the best recommendations on suitable skills or ways for you in playing golf. Playing golf in the proper form and posture is the important element of golf skills. Swinging, chipping and putting are skills which none of them can be missed.  
  • Basic Golf Knowledge – Our golf lessons make everything fun to learn in order to ensure our students are able to get the grips of the knowledge taught. 
  • Lessons based on your golfing level – Our lessons are classified into a few levels and our coach will teach according to your level to maximise the development of your golf skill.
  • Golf Etiquette –  No matter how good your golf skill is, it is most important to have a good golf etiquette for you to build your reputation. Golf etiquette makes golf safer to play. There are a few ‘must know’ etiquette especially for the newcomers.
  • Effective Practice Routines – Our coach takes integrated steps to ensure every player is training effectively every lesson by improving their weakness and strengthening their strength.   


“I am grateful for your golf coaching program which I had attended for the last one year which really help me to improve my golf game. Thank you!”

Daniel Chin

Intermediate Golfer

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