Advanced Golf Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Do you ask yourself questions such as, “Should I take advanced golf lessons? Should I just be practicing harder? Should I get better equipment?” These are great questions to ask yourself. 

It shows that you take your golfing games real seriously. With the same seriousness, here are some reasons why you should take your golfing skills to a higher level.

It helps equip you with a larger range of skills you might not be familiar with yet. These new skill sets could significantly improve your golfing gameplay and even enhance your personal enjoyment for the game. With new skill sets under your bag, you could hit balls which was almost impossible previously.

These are important aspects for an advanced golfer to consider:

– Swing

– Posture

– Lowering Handicap index

– Putting

– Chipping

Ever wondered why it is important to keep silent during a golfer’s swing? It is all in the little details for advanced golfers. They need to know things like, how is their swings? What is their posture? How is their putting? How is their chipping? These are the questions they are asking and want to know the answers to. 

It is all in the little fine detailed of the body positioning and swing that determines a ball trajectory. Knowing all these little details would provide them the opportunity to fix their faults and get the most of each golfing games. Possibly even determining whether it is a win or lose for them.

It could be terribly difficult to catch all these little details of swing angle and body positioning all by yourself. Even with videoing, the untrained eye might not be able to identify the root issue. 

Another great idea some people have is that they ask the help of their close friend, who also just started golfing, to spot and adjust their swing technique. Although it might seem like a great idea and maybe cost saving to have a friend spot your mistakes for you, it might just backfire right back at you. 

Lacking advance golfing experience combined with an untrained eye, your well-intended friend might just totally ruin your golfing technique altogether with poor advice and golfing adjustments. Sometimes paying for professional help is crucial to save you loads of time and resources from solving the same problem twice!

Speaking of professional help, we are a golfing academy that caters to the public in the areas of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

We provide golf training for complete beginners to full fledge international golfing expert looking to sharpen their skillsets. We offer personalized coaching to cater to customer’s specific golfing needs. 

We create a variety of drills and testing to help improve our customer’s golf putting, chipping and swing skills. We provide one on one private lessons to group lessons. We have weekday class and even weekend one. We also provide on-course golf training or simulations for analytical assessment.   

If you want to improve your golfing skills, it is time to hire our professional coach to assist you in your golfing journey. Search no more and contact our friendly customer service via phone or email us. We look forward in making you the next golf pro.

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