Preparation for Golf Tournament in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Golfing is not only for leisure but there is a group of people playing it professionally via golf tournament in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Who are golf pros? Golfing pros are professional golf players who play golf for a living, they get paid from winning certain golf tournaments. 

Hence, our mission is to create a bunch of golf pros to prepare for golf tournaments. Our golf lessons are for people of all ranks who are dedicated or interested in becoming a well-trained golf player. Our lessons are designed accordingly to make the students enjoy our fun-filled golf lessons. We are proud to say we have made golf an easy and fun one to learn, and at the same time pass on the skill to play golf superbly.    

Why hire us to prepare you for your golf tournament?

  • Experienced – A good start to your golf journey is to have a good coach with years of experience in golf and is able to cater every age group.  
  • Flexible scheduling – You can schedule your preferable time for training. Choosing your comfort time is effective to absorb instructor’s teaching, it can be either weekdays or weekends. 
  • Lessons for golfers of all levels – We have different lessons designed for beginner, intermediate and more. Guiding you from the beginning until the day you are a pro golfer. Sign up for the suitable lessons to bump your golf skill up. 
  • On-course golf lessons – True golfing learning experience in a fun learning environment by our experienced coach. The coach will give feedback instantly on the spot.
  • Golf skills coaching – Swinging, putting, chipping, pitching are the important skills to master to play golf professionally. Our coach will understand your pace of learning and train you what you need.  
  • Competitive golf lessons packages – We have many types of golf lessons for you to choose from.

Dedicated to become a golf pro and join golfing tournaments? Call our customer service for golf lessons information or sign up for the lessons in Klang Valley, Shah Alam and Selangor. We are ready to train you!

Our students currently comprises of:

  • Kids and teenagers – Providing the right coach for your kids is important, the right guidance will be given and it is important to establish a strong foundation for them in the future. 
  • Ladies – Women are borned with fewer muscle mass than men, hence having a good grasp on the grip, putting or even golf etiquette is important to avoid unnecessary injury. Golf lessons specialized to help you play better golf and enjoy the process.
  • Adults – It is never too late to train yourself into a golf pro. Our team has different sets of tactics to improve your golf skill in no time. Practice makes perfect, we are dedicated to cultivate a bunch of professional golfers.      
  • Seniors – Golf is a great sport for seniors to have a healthier body, soul and mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? We have a variety of lessons waiting for you, no matter if you are a child, adult, female or seniors! We have the right golf lessons to turn you from beginner into a professional. 


“The guidance and training from your golf coach has helped me train for my first golf tournament in Shah Alam. Thank you!”

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