Golf School in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Ever wanted to train and learn to play golf at a golf school at Kuala Lumpur or Selangor? Golf schools are the best and easiest way to pick up the sport. With a thriving environment and supportive peers, you can be a good player in no time. 

We want to make sure we give the best service in educating people on becoming the next best Tiger Woods! As a golf school, we make sure we align to align our services with our vision. 

Our golf academy’s vision includes: 

Fun And Conducive Environment To Learn Golf

We want to provide individuals with a conducive learning environment to learn golf. Through this, our customers can grow and train in the sport better. Not to forget, the environment matters a lot when you want to pick up a sport. 

Help Individuals To Improve Their Golf Game

When running a golf school of course our ultimate goal is to help individuals to improve their skills and competencies in golf. Thus, we provide the best trainers to raise individuals to be competent in this sport. 

Preparation For Tournaments

As a professional golf school, of course, we prepare our students for golf tournaments for all ages across the Klang Valley and the rest of the country so they can participate and play golf competitively. 

Corporate Team Building

One of the best team building activities is sports. What better sports than golf am I right? Golf can bring out the competitiveness within the team but can also help foster a good environment fueled by teamwork. 

Now you know what we strive for and what kind of service we want to provide for our beloved customers through golf school. We do not specialise our service for certain target groups and we offer many types of golf lessons in our golf school.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to pick up a new sport? We are the best golf school in the town with professional trainees and the most affordable price. So wait no more and get in touch with us via phone or email to book your golf lesson now!

Here are some of the golf services we offer:

Golf Lessons For All

We offer golf lessons for all levels such as beginners, intermediate and advanced. Not to be afraid, we do not only offer golf lessons to adults but for all ages including children, teenagers and senior citizens. 

We also provide intensive golf training for those training to enter tournaments or are interested to play golf professionally. For students, however, we provide special school holiday camps to coach them in golf and also fill in their leisure time with something beneficial like playing golf. 

PC And Golf Handicap Tests

The Proficiency Certificate (PC) is a bridge for one to obtain their Golf Handicap. It tests basic ball striking and basic golf etiquette and rules. So if you are looking to take the tests, look no more, we provide it here. We will train you together to make sure you are skilled enough to take the test! Do not worry as we offer specialised golf skill training such as swing, golf chipping, putting and many other useful golf skills.


“I am happy learning golf at your golf school over the last couple of months. Thank you for making the lessons interesting and fun for me.”

Melvin Soo

Intermediate Golfer

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