Golf Swing Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Learning golf swing at our golf academy based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is important if you want to improve your golf game because it is one of the most basic, yet is still the most essential skills of golf sports.

There are few pre-swing golf fundamental basics that you should pay attention to:

Standing Position

Standing position is very important before you start swinging your club. A good standing position will help you put your body in a powerful position to swing the club perfectly. 

Posture and Stance

When playing golf, the posture is very important. You must keep your hand relaxed and straight to be able to deliver a consistent shot every time. Muscle stiffness due to inflexibility of the body can lead to wrong posture during the delivery of the golf ball, this is why the standing position is the key to make you have the correct posture while playing golf.

Hand Grip

Getting a comfortable grip on the golf club helps a lot in delivering a good ball. However, it is not easy for those who have experience in golf to change their grip since it is hard to break a habit. It is worth the effort to have a proper grip as it helps to have better strength on holding the club, resulting in a more powerful swing.


It is crucial that you aim your golf club, position your body and target to hit the golf ball to the target. The golfer’s body position for a right handed person should be parallel left to the left of that. Visualise where you want the golf to land.

If in any case you are interested in our golf lessons, feel free to approach our customer service team via phone call or email us to arrange for an introductory golf lesson. It will let you experience how you would be experiencing in the actual lesson, so you can decide whether to join us after the trial lesson. 

You can get further inquiries by contacting us too regarding the rates and frequency of the golf lesson.

Other than golf swing, there are some extra golf skills to master in your golf journey:

Golf Putting

Golf putting is when you use a putter to lightly push the golf ball into the hole. It is an important skill to learn because putting accounts for approximately 43% of your total strokes. By being good at putting skills, your aim will be better because golf putting relies a lot on your aiming skills.

Golf Chipping

Although golf chipping is one of the most challenging parts of golf, by mastering golf chipping, you can get a better score on the scoreboard. If you plan to be an amateur in golf, golf chipping is not a thing that you should miss.

If you have difficulties with your golf swing, you should take golf swing lessons from our instructor. 

Our instructors have decades of golf training experience so we can provide much advice and assist you in correcting your golf posture. Whether you are new in golf or you have much experience in golf, our golf coach will be able to help you. 

We have one-on-one golf lessons too if you are interested in having the golf coach to focus solely on you to correct your golf posture. Moreover, we provide quality training at affordable rates so you might be interested in training with us.

Learn Various Golf Skills and Techniques Such As:

Putting correction and techniques

For all level of golfers

Brush up your swinging technique to have better power and control


“I’m so happy! Thank you to the golf instructor from your academy who has helped me improved on my golf swing over the last few months.”


Happy Golfer from KL

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