First Golf Lesson in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

You must be wondering how it is like to play your first golf lesson if you plan to get started on this sport. Have no worries, you are surely not alone. We have all been there since television have only shown rich and famous people playing golf. Rest assured that is not reality. 

Golf is a really great and fun sport to learn. Good exercise combined with opportunity to sharpen your aim and strength. Practice good posture and proper form for that perfect swing. Interesting, right? Everyone got to learn it from someone, so here is what to expect from your first lesson in golfing.

For starters, the duration of the golfing lesson would be around 30 minutes to 1 hour. A little short you must be wondering. However, it is a sufficient amount of time to learn some important techniques and information to practice on. Unlike long unproductive meetings that achieve little results in the workplace, short quality lessons are more important in golfing.

What will you learn in the first golfing lesson? Like the starting journey of any expert golfers, the basics of golfing would be taught. Things like the proper posture, the proper stand, how to grip your golf club and some basic swing techniques would be taught. It might sound really simple and even consider forgoing hire that golf coach. Be warned! It is not as easy as it sounds. It takes professional golfers’ years to master these techniques. You might even take forever without the proper coaching.

Here are some helpful tips to help you out when you first get started with golf.

Tip 1: Proper attire

It is important to wear proper golfing attire. This includes wearing the proper shoes. This is really important as it could impact on your mobility and ability. Therefore, dress for the sport.

Tip 2: Golfing club

You can’t learn if you don’t have the proper equipment for the game. If you are just trying out and wondering if you are actually interested in playing golf at all. It would be a good idea not to buy a brand new golf set. Consider borrowing from it from your friends or even calling the golf school if they provide golf clubs for use during the lesson. This is to avoid investing a huge sum of money in golf equipment only to use it once and never use again.

Tip 3: Get comfortable

Once you get started with your first lesson, it is time to fully trust and learn all you can from your golf instructor. It is only after the first lesson that you could determine if you would like the instructor’s method of teaching and would like to continue taking more lessons.


“I took up golf a few months ago by engaging your golf pro. The first golf lesson that I had was fun and interesting and I’ve continued learning from your golf instructor. Thank you!”

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