Learn Golf in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Are you looking to learn golf in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as has its many benefits that I am sure you may not be aware of! Apart from the standard swinging and learning how to drive around with golf cart. 

There are more benefits you can gain and learn from playing a simple game of golf than meets the eye. We are going to highlight to you some of such benefits from our professional golfers.

If you are just starting out with playing golf, here are some golf terms that you will find really helpful during your game play.

– Golf tee – the peg on which you place your golf ball at the start of each hole.

– The green – the soft ground that surrounds the hole

– Hazard – these are obstacles, like streams, ponds and trees, that affect your ball’s flight direction.

– Stroke – the swing you make to hit the golf ball

Here is an added benefit just for you. Golfing etiquettes and rules. This is to keep you in the loop so that you won’t get yourself in trouble with your future games with friends. 

– Do not walk through someone’s ball flight direction

– Do not talk during someone’s swinging moment

– Do not swing the ball into a group of players ahead of you

– Do not be late

– Lastly, have a great time

After reading all this information, you must surely be excited to get started with golfing. Come and explore our available golf lessons at our Kuala Lumpur and Selangor locations. 

We provide special packages for 1st timer golfers to get them started. Our private lessons and even group coaching for kids or adults. Golf lessons just for women is also available. Whatever golfing level you are, our team of professional coaches are able to train you from amateur to intermediate and even to become a pro.

Why look elsewhere? We are here specifically for your golfing needs. Contact us via call or email to get started on learning golf today.

Here are some hidden benefits from picking up golf:

Basics of golf

Learning the importance of little details. What makes Tiger Wood great is the large amount of countless hours and strenuous effort in perfecting his basics in golfing. The basic training of that proper stand combined with the proper posture.

You might be thinking, “You gotta be kidding me? Proper stance and posture? Impossible! He surely must have some special technique under his sleeves that he doesn’t share with anyone.” The only secret weapon is attention to the little details. With slight changes in stand or posture, the golf ball’s flight direction would be altered.

Types and usage of various golf clubs

Apart from learning the importance of little details, it is also crucial to have the right equipment for the right situation. Not all clubs are designed for swinging your golf ball far into the field.

Some are designed for just for putting or chipping. To use the wrong equipment for the wrong application is like eating peanut butter when you are allergic to it.

Learn Various Golf Skills and Techniques Such As:

Putting correction and techniques

For all level of golfers

Brush up your swinging technique to have better power and control


“I wanted some guidance in improving my golf swing and chipping technique. Thanks to your golf pro, my skills have definitely improved over the last 3 months!”

Mr Chan

Intermediate Golfer

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