Golf Lessons for Seniors in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

If you are wondering whether signing up for golf lessons for seniors in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor can be your next thing, the answer is YES! Is golf a good sport for seniors? Definitely! As we grow older, exercise is vital especially for senior to keep the body, mind and soul healthy. 

Golf is the perfect sport for seniors because it doesn’t require high level of exerts strength but with proper technique, you can score your first “hole in one” in no time. There are tons of benefits that seniors can enjoy from playing this sport.

Benefits of golfing: 

  • Full body exercise fit for active aging

A full club swing uses muscles from head to toe. Before your swing any club, good stretching is a must. Stretching releases the tensions in the body that help improve mobility. Furthermore, you get to have light walk around the course to complete your game – a good session of cardio exercise for the heart.

  • Better posture and increase flexibility

Not all posture is a winning shot but a winning shot required a proper posture. If you wonder why your shots are kind of weird, probably is the posture. With proper technique and practice, soon you have a better swing. In addition, you become more flexible after all those posture correcting. It improves the way you walk and have the possibility of reducing body aching

  • Get to meet new friends and get connected

Playing golf alone is boring. On the course, you get to meet other golfers and play a match game. Apart from that, you can bring your friends to spend quality time together while playing a match game. Golfing can be a layback sport where you can chit chat about life and enjoy the game at the same time.

  • Improve cognitive movement

Golfing is also great exercise for cognitive movement like your eyes, hands and feet. The ability to gauge the distance of the hole and to position your club for the swing is all part of the sport.  

  • A new skill to inherit

Golfing is a skill that young and old can pick up. The only requirement is commitment to the game and you are on your way to enquire the skill.

Get yourself started today! We have an amazing team of golf coaches that are professionals and specialized in coaching seniors.

We provide personalized golf lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. So seniors! What are you waiting for? Give us a call and book an appointment.

The beauty of this sport especially for seniors is that its keeps the mind sharp, strengthen the body and have a good dose of outdoor sunshine. Here are some tips to get you, seniors started:

  1. Always do your Stretching

Never skip a warm up. As our bodies get older, the muscles are not as flexible as we were younger and get tense really fast. A good stretch helps to prevent injury that you wish you didn’t have that last for weeks.

  1. Check your posture before you swing that club

Muscle pull, strain and cramp are common among senior golfers. Senior’s bodies are very sensitive to slight change to muscle flex compared to young people. Therefore, always get the posture right!

  1. Choose your equipment wisely

Always get yourself fitted for the right club that produces the best swing to minimize injury. Don’t be afraid to overdo it. Prevention is always better than cure. Incorrectness of club can throw you off balance and lose stability which is a big red flag.


“I was looking for a low impact sporting activity to pickup after I retired. Thank you to the golf pro at your company for patiently teaching me golf.”

Mr Soon Heng Tan


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