Junior Golf Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We are the best in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor offering a variety of junior golf lessons and golf classes for kids for all ages! Regardless of capabilities and abilities of your kids, we have something for each child to have fun! We value inclusiveness and we want every kid to feel belong and make friends throughout the program.

Each program is well designed to cater different age’s group kids to have the maximum fun while learning.

Here is what our junior golf lessons are offering:

  • The lessons are divided into 2 groups of children: 7 – 10 years old & 11-15 years old.
  • Each group of kids is further divided based on their skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • You can choose for your kid, private lessons or group golf lessons. Private lessons are good for kids that want to focus more on the skill while group lesson is good for kids that focus on having fun.  

Why you should choose us for your child’s golf lessons:

  • We have a team of golf professionals that specializes in coaching kids.
  • We provide a wide range of golf lesson with different skill levels to cater to every need of your child.
  • We also provide reasonable package pricing for your kids to achieve their goals in golf.
  • We offer school holiday golf camps to keep your kids busy while you take a break.

Apart of golf lessons, we have scheduled golf skill clinics for kids to bump up their skills based on their level:

Kids learn the basics of the game and foundation of a proper golf swing. That includes full golf swing, driving, chipping, putting and short game.

  • Intermediate Golf

Kids learn in deep about the aspect of the game – golf etiquette, full swing, short game and playing on the course

  • Advanced Junior Golf

Create confident young golfers and show them to see golf as a life-long sport. Kids are emphasized on fun learning techniques to create a competitive and fun golfing experience. They get to have a better understanding of the golf swing they are developing.

  • Junior Elite Golf

Kids begin on scoring regularly over 9 holes. They will also learn how to keep stats and how to assess their play from the stats. With these, they improve their skills and perform a qualifying score.

Drop us a call or write us an email to find out which lesson your kid can enroll and we will get your kid started. We have an awesome team on the line, ready to answer all your enquiries.

We strongly encourage you to bring your kids and start lessons while they are young for 3 reasons:

  1. Golf teaches discipline

A game of golf consist tons of rules which kids need to learn to follow them. This skill can easily translate well into many areas of their life.

  1. Golf can create lifelong friendships

Golf is a sport that connects people together and it gives the opportunity to carry a meaningful conversation while playing the game that build relationships.

  1. Golf teaches emotional control

A bad shot help kids learn to keep their emotions in check and they learn to bounce back from it. They learn to better manage their emotional responses when comes to difficulties.


“I recently moved to Subang Jaya and was looking for a good golf school to send my 10 year old daughter and 14 year old son. Happy to have found your team where my kids look forward to their golf lesson every week!”

Puan Ida

Housewife from Subang Jaya

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