Golf Handicap Test in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

A golf handicap test is important to understand which level of play you are to ensure you when you are playing in a professional setting you are up against someone who is at the same playing level as you.

According to The United States Golf Teachers Federation USGTF, golf handicap is to measure the individual’s ability in a round of golf and signified by a number. When the number decreases, the better golf player is!

The golf handicap test measures the net score from the quantity of strokes where it will help you decide the ability and capacity of the player. This can ensure an equal level of playing in the competitive world of sports. This can direct the outcome of the competition. Hence, it is why golf handicap tests are important.

Other than golf lessons to improve your game, we have golf Proficiency Certificate and handicap tests at our location so you do not have to feel the hassle of training and getting your handicap card in different places! Our company has handicap renewal and maintenance service for our fellow golf players. 

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In order for you to play in a fair game and compete to your level, you need to have a golf handicap card which has a specific process for application. 

In Malaysia, you need to be an active member and have attended golf lessons and go through an assessment by the National Handicapping System to give the handicap card to you.

Good news is you can find your name in their national website and check out fellow peers who play in your level near you!

Wondering why you should get a handicap card? Well it provides a fair play game where you compete with people your level.

Another reason is merely to use it as a tool to evaluate and improve yourself in this game! 

To improve your game, you will need to attend golf lessons and practice more. You can take golf lessons where you can increase your competency and play on higher levels in no time!


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