Professional Golf Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Ever wonder where to learn professional golf lessons in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor taught by qualified coaches? Dreamt of becoming the rising star of the golf industry? You are in the right place as we now offering you a path to start your career in golf. 

Our range of professional golf lessons:

– Available for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

– We provide professional coaching to children, women, adults, and seniors.

– Golf lessons are conducted private individually or in a group.

– Other than outdoor golf lessons, we also offer indoor golf lessons.

Our company offers professional golf lessons for different levels of players whether they are new to golfing or have been training in the industry for years. Many might misunderstand that professional golf playing lessons are only for experts. However, we are here to let you know anyone can learn golf professionally regardless of their levels of experience!

We welcome students from all walks of life and ages. Everyone can give their best in the golf industry as long as they were given the right platform to show their potential. Hesitate no more with us!

The coaching method varies from different individuals. Some may prefer to learn individually and this helps in their focus while other people might prefer companions during the professional golf lessons and we have different packages to cater to your needs!

When the weather is not pleasant, many people have to give up on their favorite sport. Do not worry as we have got you covered! You can enjoy indoor golf lessons especially when the weather is not in your favor.

Why opt for our golf lessons:

– You can learn how to play from zero.

– It will be more enjoyable when you are able to play better with the right guidance. 

– We are confident to improve your scores and techniques.

The professional golf lessons that our company enables you to learn how to play from zero. We can train you from a beginner player to an advanced player that is competent enough to join competitions. 

We believe that the lessons will be more enjoyable when you are able to play better. This is what our company strives to bring forward with the correct guidance to give you satisfaction from enjoying this sport.

With our qualified golf coaches, we are confident to assist you in mastering the right technique to improve your scores.

Currently, our professional golf coaching is mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Contact our pro team now via phone call or email to let us answer your doubts!

Other golf services that we offer includes:

– Golf club fitting service and golf swing analysis which plays an important role in your golf lessons. 

Corporate golf events that are different from what you will find outside. 

– Golfing clinics and seminars for individuals that are sincerely seeking to know more about golf.

Indoor golfing that enables people to enjoy the sport anytime.

– A short and long game scoring school that gives you a clear picture of how the game runs.

– Golf tips from our pros that help you to perform better in your golf industry.

Our Professional Golf Lessons:


“Thanks to your golf academy for providing professional golf lessons for my wife and me. We enjoy learning golf with your golf pros”

Mr and Mrs Lewis Gan

Beginner Golfers

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