Golf Instructor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

The team of professional golf instructor in our golf academy philosophy is to create learning golf in a conducive environment, personalised and tailored coaching with golf instructor. Learn golfing is fun. Indeed! It isn’t just fun. It is a great form of exercise as well. 

We also understand the extreme importance of a conducive environment to promote and enhance the learning experience, hence every step has been taken to ensure this importance is well addressed. To take things to another level above our industry average, personalised and tailored golf coaching are provided by our professional golfing coaches.

Come and learn golf with us. Just from above, I am sure you could sense our commitment to your golfing experience and well-being. Equipped with the best experienced team, you can rest assured and enjoy a great lesson with us. If you stay in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, you must surely be lucky as we cater customers at these locations. 

In addition to your lucky streak, we currently have special packages for 1st time golfers. Apart from that, we also have affordable packages for dear long term customers. What are you waiting for? Contact our friendly and helpful staff via phone or email to begin your new and exciting journey in golfing now.

Now, how to choose a suitable golfing instructor from our team for yourself?

Reviews and testimonies

There is no better way to assess whether our golf instructors are good or bad than through customer reviews. Through our online platforms, like our website, customers are able to leave good, bad, and even ugly reviews and feedback of our golf instructors. This allows us to sharpen and improve our services. At the same moment, customers are able to read and choose their instructors with ease.

Experiences of Instructors

Still can’t choose after reading all our previous customers’ reviews and testimonies? No worries. Another way our customers choose their instructor is through reviewing the amount of experiences and qualifications our golf instructors have. This is a great way of selecting your instructors as you could be assured of the quality of service you would be receiving from a well-trained instructor.

Recommendation by the golf pros

If the above two tips aren’t working for you, how about a recommendation from us. By looking at your current golfing ability and techniques preferences, we could recommend you the perfect fit of instructor that fits your style and also help you bring your golfing skills to the next level.


Now that you have chosen your golfing instructor for your first lesson, it is time to fully trust and learn from him or her. It is only after your first lesson that would be able to determine if your instructor is compatible with your golfing needs. There is no need of feeling bad to change instructors within our academy. In fact, it is encouraged for all our first time customers as we know the importance of having an instructor that is compatible with you. As this would encourage communication flow that is the important part in the learning process.

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