Private Golf Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our private golf lessons open for individuals located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor at different stages of experience and cater to your time convenience. Some people who are interested in golfing are looking for a one on one golf lesson but have no idea where to hire a qualified coach.

We are here to let you know, do not worry as we have got your back! We offer the pre-eminent private golf lessons from qualified golf professionals.

Each person is unique and has their own golfing goals. We truly believe in the power of personalization service as this is the era where people demanded customized service.

This is the reason we offer personalized one on one coaching lesson tailored to the golfing goals of different individuals. We will find the best solution to your doubts and ensure to guide you whole-heartedly.

The potential in every person needs to be unleashed with the help of the right person and skill. With our professional coaches, we are more than ready to assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. No doubt it will improve your scores and make you a better player from day to day! A talented player has to be taught the right steps and skills in order to unleash their potential and be one of the best in the industry. 

We have professional coaches that are experienced in different techniques and games which will guide you in becoming a competent golfer. You will be taught the most effective ways to focus on golf swing or putting. 

Our private golf lesson lasts for 1 hour per session. Our team will monitor your progress and make changes in order to guide you in the correct way that suits you the best. This defines the purpose of personalized private golf lessons dedicated to each and every unique person!

We also have semi-private golf lessons if you prefer to be taught with a partner or friend which is conducted in a group of two. Indoor golf lessons on stimulator are provided for your best experience in enjoying golf games even during rainy days. 

We offer on-course golf lessons for various skill levels and groups. No matter your age group from kids, teenagers, women, adults or senior citizens, we welcome you to sign up for our private golf lessons! Our courses are suitable for beginners, intermediates and even advanced golf players!

For now, our golf coaching program is mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor only. Search no more and get in touch with our staff via telephone call or email to let us know how we can help you!

Why opt for our private golf lessons:

  • We offer personalized one to one coaching lessons tailored to your golfing goal.
  • We are ready to assist you in improving your scores.
  • We teach ways to focus on golf putting or chipping.
  • We have short game, top and experienced golf professionals to guide you through in becoming a competent golfer. 
  • You are able to learn at your own speed and progress. 
  • The duration of a lesson will only last for one hour.


“I was looking for an experienced golf pro to guide my one-on-one to improve my golfing techniques. Thank you to your amazing team!”

Justin Soo

Intermediate Golfer

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