Group Golf Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor


Beginner golf players can start class in two most common ways at our golf school in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, which is group golf lessons and personal golf coaching. 

Group lessons are often a great way to learn the game. In a group environment, a beginner golfer can learn with other beginning golfers. The level of intimidation goes down because everyone is going through lessons together and having fun in the process. Students can make new friends in group lessons. 

Students support each other to learn and motivate each other. As an internal incentive, they have realistic friends. They socialize and seek feedback from people who have the same learning experience as they do. 

Through our professional coaches you can know all the golf skills and lessons you need. Our aim is to provide students with the skills they need to play a golf round competently. 

Know the basics and grasp of swing. Also learn to establish your swing plane. Get to learn golf skills with proper coordination strategies such as putting, chipping, driving and approach. 

Throughout the classes, students will be taught how to avoid injury on the golf course. You will learn how to implement the skills and techniques taught correctly and to use the equipment and facilities safely.

Acquire knowledge on proper golf grip, golf posture, ball position. Know the basics of golf rules and golf etiquette on the golf course. Understand the game’s basic rules and how to adapt those rules to the golf course circumstances. 

Define and use terminology associated with the golf course and the equipment used to play the game. Elevate and improve the short course game of your golf. To be able to know the cause and correction of common errors. Hone and improve on your golf techniques. Improve and lower your handicap score.

We have one on one golf lessons for those looking for personalized coaching. Get more attention from our pro golfer. 

Student learning outcomes will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of club usage, learn the fundamental swing of golf, to understand the game, its tradition and etiquette and to develop a desirable attitude towards golf as a lifetime, healthy recreational sport. 

Our golf coaching programme is geared towards student’s goals and objectives. Students will also work on their skills of on course management, shot selection, pre-shot routine, recovery shots, green reading, mental game strategies, planning on tournament and how to practice with an intent.

Seek no further more, get in touch with us using email or telephone call now for enquiry. Get a free quotation, book and schedule golf lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor from our team. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Why choose our group golf lesson:

  • Fun learning environment and experience 
  • Develop sense of comradeship  with other members of the group
  • Learning from other members with similar level of golfing
  • Get coaching from our experienced and pro coach
  • Get motivated from other group members and from our golf pro
  • Make new friends by speaking with other group members.


“I always have a blast during my group golf lessons with your golf instructor. The lessons are fun and I enjoy learning golf with others in a group setting. Thank you!”

Bryan Lee

Beginner Golfer

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