Golf Chipping Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Golf chipping lessons is a technique often not emphasised on during golf training in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor because chip shots are rare and we seldom use them. One question we often get is – why should I train my chipping when I can rely on pitching when playing golf? 

Chipping and pitching vary in many ways. Pitching makes the shot fly far away and then continue to roll. Chipping can go further than pitching. You are not going to get many opportunities where you will need to use a chip shot if you are hitting every green in regulation. 

But how many of us are hitting every green in regulation? Most golfers miss the occasional green. In these situations, a chip shot can be important to help us complete the hole in regulation. However, pitching and chipping are not the only skills you can train in golf

Other Golf Drills And Tips

If you are an amateur individual who wants to improve your golf performance over time you need consistency in your drill training. Golf is a sport that emphasises on skills and knowledge. If you were to enrol yourself in a golf school you will need a lot of golf drills and valuable tips to make you the next best player.

So are you still looking to improve your skills drastically and easily without added pressure? What are you waiting for? Be fast, take your first step and sign up at our golf academy for women and junior players and get started with our interactive training program by our certified staff now. We can also eventually teach and prepare you for the local tournament.

Our golf school activities and programmes are available for adults, ladies and corporate groups. We are open on weekdays and weekends at selected golf courses and driving ranges in Shah Alam, Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya. 

So do you feel excited to progress and take your golfing to the next level and demonstrate what you learn to your friends and community for your future games? Contact our team via phone or email, or drop us a message online to book us and begin your journey now!

Here are some other specialised golf skill training service that our professional golf teacher on the ground provides: 

Golf Swing

If you are a new terrible golfer and struggling with your scores or swings, you need not worry that you do not know how to play the sport or how to grip the stick to hit a straight ball. Pay attention and start from the basics first at our academy. It is the most important skill and also the hardest if you are starting from scratch. However, once you are comfortable and start to perfect your moves and have confidence, it will be a fun, simple and easy sport for you. 

A golf swing is not only about hitting a shot, but it also comprises good body posture and alignment, leg position and movement, as well as hand, shoulder, foot and arm coordination. Thus, this is the most important activity that you should focus on training at the driving range to hit the ball to your desired distance. 

Golf Putting

A club named putter is used in the golf putting skill. Putting is a stroke when you are just off or on the green. You will need to align the ball accurately and try to visualize the putt by locating a line between the ball and the target hole. 

Short Game Coaching

Missed the hole by just a few inches to the left? Well, the game is how you end the match with an excellent shot but not everyone is capable of doing so. 

That is why you need to practice your skill consistently to be successful and confident in the game. Hence why you need lesson coaching by our friendly pro instructor, listen and follow his or her proven instruction and lots of routine practicing to hone the skills every day to be on track to achieving your goals.

Learn Various Golf Skills and Techniques Such As:

Putting correction and techniques

For all level of golfers

Brush up your swinging technique to have better power and control


“Thanks to the training by your golf pro, my golf chipping skill has improved over the last few months.”

Wesley Tan

Intermediate Golfer

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