Indoor Golf in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

What is so special about our indoor golf lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

Just imagine this idea like your ordinary daily golf activity, but feel way better and more technologically advanced. Not forgetting certain equipment, more comfortable, relaxed, easy and fun! No longer will you need to worry about the harsh beating sunlight on a Monday morning or the uncontrollable downfall conditions during the monsoon season, while you play golf. 

We provide high tech unique indoor facilities, you would be able to have your own private unit to play a round of golf hassle free at our place located nearby in Solaris Dutamas, KLCC and Desa Park City. You would be able to sharpen your skills or compete with close family. 

Our virtual breathtaking indoor golf simulator technology and concept creates the ideal and realistic golfing environment visuals (such as the view of beautiful bays or other views) and atmosphere for that perfect golf course or driving range venue that you struggle to find in your spacious golfing clubs or commercial centre in Malaysia. 

With our swing tracking technology that is equipped with device setting, you can be rest assured that your exact swing and teeing shot would be registered to perfection by our system guide with accuracy. Our simulators system has been tested and approved by professional club golfers and industry experts.

Apart from the amazing indoor golf features and amenities made available for you, our company offers other value added additional services including:

  • Individual private lessons to sharpen your skill and performance by our friendly appointed instructor at affordable fees – beginners, intermediate or advanced level
  • Group golf lessons to make new friends priced at low cost 
  • Access to a selection of world class international golf courses including those in Holland to play 9 holes or 18 holes in shorter time duration of under 2 hours
  • The exclusive personal monthly coaching outdoors by our list of avid teaching sports instructors of your choice are available for all player and ages for learning ranges from beginner, novice to junior or kids to seniors

Do not place your call to us on hold anymore. We understand your request and questions and our management has been putting all focus and efforts for you. 

Our customers have been enjoying our services with good comments and reviews many times, thus they introduce us to their children and family. This has been the key for us to stand strong over the years with our aim to achieve the best golf training service provider for all Malaysian be it a Friday or weekend with priority on your safety.

Search no more and book a session or online lesson package with our professionals via phone call or email our executive to enjoy your next indoor golf session sport. Don’t miss out and secure your booking and reservations early.

Benefits for Playing Indoor Golf Includes:

  • Great for corporate events or balls
    • With some casual light food catering, it would be a great environment for business deals and it will increase chances to exchange contact information as well as interact with people in the event that is being held. You would be able to impress and offer entertainment to your guests with a good short game of golf.
    • Unpredictable weather isn’t a problem anymore
    • As the afternoon weather can change in an hour or within minutes, outdoor weather situations would absolutely be a thing of the past with our indoor golf facilities. No longer would you have to cancel a social meeting or golf session because the weather was bad. Instead, it would be an added reason to play indoor golf in a dry and comfort environment even more. So set your golfing time anytime you want and easily schedule it in the day or night.
    • Fast, Cooling and sheltered
      • A usual golf game takes a few hours to complete with travelling and walk time and now you have the options to play and finish all 9 holes in just two hours in your space. With the facility of industrial conditioning and sheltered buildings, our simple and popular indoor golfing couldn’t be more comfortable and enjoyable. Sunblock or sunscreen treatment with umbrellas are no longer required.
      • Great for ladies
        • Ladies golf players could impress their male coworkers by playing golf indoors in a cool and comfortable environment and impressive swinging skills comfortably without the hassle of walking long distance across the golf field.
        • Accurate tracking and golf analysis statistic measurement for golf swing
          • With our pro swing or tee data stats and tracking technology feature, you will be able to get the detailed statistical feedback you need to improve that elegant and stunning golf swing shots impact of yours to perfection.
          • Camera, ball flight and spin
            • Our upgraded and incredible system is also able to show your ball flight, speed, motion, distance and amount of spin achieved for your improvement.
            • Good location for golf practice
              • It is a great place to practice your swings endlessly and get assistance from our coaches for quality golf lessons for tips to level up your swing technique and improve your handicap. Eventually, you can increase your heart rate by exercising and improving your health and fitness.

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              “I’m thankful to have found your indoor golf center where I can brush up on my golf skills indoors irrespective of the weather outdoors.”

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