Top 7 Golf Etiquette To Be Aware Of When Golfing in Kuala Lumpur

Golf etiquette is a vital part of golf at all golf venues in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and anywhere in Malaysia as it is sport that unleashes the need for discipline and one that articulates the smoothness of the game of golf, hence it is to be followed in order to thoroughly enjoy the game of golf without any sort of hindrance to disrupt the game.

What is golf etiquette?

So, here are the top 7 tips on golf etiquettes that you should be aware of:

1. Safety First

Golfing can be a very safe sport, however a few bad swings and it all turns dangerous. There are a few precautions that every golfer should take into consideration before enjoying the game.

Take note of those around you before swinging your winning swing. Be very attentive to your surroundings and make sure your golf partners are a safe distance away from you when you are playing.

In addition, Do not hit the ball until you’re fully aware of the area and that other golfers are out of range. Fore!, This is an international word of warning in golf, to indicate or to warn golfers when a golf ball is coming their way. In this case, if you are in the position of getting hit, you could hide behind your golf club or some plants as to avoid getting hurt.

Finally,Take careful precaution of the weather. Lightning are your worst enemy, due to the fact that your golf clubs are made out of metal, thunderstorms are the worst weather to play in as it may electrocute you and cause demise.

2. Care For The Course

A golfer has equal responsibility about caring for the golf course as the maintenance team. The course in which they play in is the ground where your game is graced, hence it should be taken care of. Here are some ways that you could care for it, be attentive of the damage being done to the green when bags or flags are being put down.You should also repair any divot holes before leaving the golf course and do not leave behind your tees.Rake before you leave as to not leave footprints. Last but not least,repair ball marks on the green.

3. Silence Is Golden

Do not speak to other golfers who are about to take a swing as it may waver their focus. Phones are to be put on silent or turned off.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Movements

Avoid standing in the way or near a person who’s about to swing, and avoid making any unnecessary movement as well.

golf-putting-coaching-subang-jaya5. Wear It Right 

Golfing has a certain decorum to abide by in terms of attire to maintain the tradition of the game, A shirt that is collared made out of cotton,microfiber or polyester t-shirts is advised to be word along with long cotton or polyester blend pants , shorts are usually not permitted.

Pair them with golf shoes shoes that are specially designed with spikes to maintain stability during the game with a pair of socks as it helps keep their feet dry and stable.

6. Good Sportsman

Some tips to display great sportsmanship on the golf course are to dress with discipline and cheer for your friends that are on the course with you. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself as well as care for the course.

7. Play At Good Pace

Keep in mind to not take the phrase “take your own time” overboard, as we all got places to be and things to do. Make sure to keep up and in time with your fellow golfers as not to take up too much time just to take a swing.

For more information on golf etiquette, rules and professional golf lessons, just give us a call or drop an email to our team and our golf pros will get back to you soon!