Golf Playing Lesson in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

If you are thinking of picking up golf, you must enroll yourself in golf playing lessons nearby you in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to ensure you have the relevant skills to start playing the game. Compared to other sports, golf can be hard if you were to start without a proper lesson mainly because golf is a very technical game that requires guidance and training before you start playing. Hence that is why all beginner golfers should start by attending golf playing lessons.

Our golf playing lessons includes: 

Beginner lessons

In the beginner level of golf lessons, you will learn basic skills such as types of grips, body posture and stance. Set the foundation of your golf game. If you can master the basics quickly, you will be able to develop other skills and move up the levels faster. 

Intermediate lessons

Once you know the basics, the intermediate level consists of learning the full swing starting with the backswing and how it leads on to the downsizing and the follow through. Learn about golf rules, regulations of the game and etiquette. Once you know them of course, you will be able to use the golf skills you have learnt. You will be exposed to playing a simulation of a real life golf game. 

Advanced training

Advanced golfers will be taught to use different types of golf sticks mainly how to use hybrid clubs, fairway woods and the driver in a more technical manner. You will be trained to get your full swing perfect. Then, you can start playing golf on the course for fun or even participating in golf tournaments

For Adults

Are you looking to pick up golf as a sport or for business purposes? Once you have learned the required skills and are able to play properly, you can start playing with your friends and participate in charity golf playing events. 

For Women

Like all other sports women and men are categorised differently. Learn in a small group or individually according to your preference.

For Juniors

If you are looking to enroll your children in golf, they will be under the junior category, where the sessions are designed to cater them. If you have mastered the basics, then they will be able to compete under the junior level competitions and tournaments. 

For Seniors

You are never late to pick up golf, there are customised senior golf lessons for picking up golf and learning it without breaking your back!

Curious of what will you be learning from our golf playing lessons? You will learn golf etiquette which is to ensure the game you are playing is safe without causing harm to people and properties. Finishing a short game on the golf course with a great score is important and that is why putting is an important skill we will emphasise on during our lessons. Next, one of the important things you need to know if you are going to start playing professionally. It is how scoring works. 

We will provide comprehensive lessons on how to master the golf scoring system. Well not every time we are able to get a hole in one and that is why we are often faced with penalty while playing golf. It is definitely something you must know which we will teach you too! 

So what are you waiting for? Call us now or email us so you can master the art of playing golf!


“Thank you for the golf playing lessons over the last few months. My golfing buddies have commented that my golf proficiency has improved since the last time I’ve played with them!”

Mr Ramani

Business Executive from Damansara Jaya

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