Golf Training in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our golf training is for golf players in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor who want to take their game to the next level. By improving your golf skills, you can participate in golf competitions which will benefit your social skills. 

Further developing golf skill is every golfers’ wish. Who wouldn’t want to be good in golf to receive praise from people around them? Whether you want to learn golf for casual purposes or competitive purposes, we are the one that you should approach!

You can entrust this work to our golf trainers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We provide affordable prices for our golf training but please be rest assured that our trainers are experienced in teaching golf to individuals of various ages, so they will be able to design different training sets according to your needs.

For all levels from beginner and above

We provide golf training for beginners which includes theory knowledge such as how many holes are available in a golf course, and basic knowledge which lets you try playing golf at the start. If you are experienced, then of course we can skip this step and place you with veterans to compete with in order to further enhance your golf skills.

You may think golf is hard for you, but it can be easy to learn with enough practice. Please contact us via phone call or email if you are interested in joining our introductory golf lesson.

Our types of golf training available are listed below:

Group golf lessons

There is nothing better than training with a group of similar experienced golfers if you wish to improve your golf skills. This is because by training with a group, you can know the strength and weaknesses of other members in your class, and take them as a mentor to develop your skills. Not only that, by making friends with them, you can have some golf sessions with them during weekends which is a wonderful way to network with other people.

Private individual golf lessons

Some people may prefer one to one golf lesson, if it is a yes for you then this is a great choice for you. Having the golf trainer focus on training you is a great alternative if you have the budget to do it. Since when you are playing golf the body posture is very essential, the private tutor can focus on watching your moves and correct you on the spot so that you will remember it more clearly.

Golf lesson specially for women and kids

We have some groups that are special such as ladies only golf groups if you are interested in joining them. If you wish to bring your child, don’t worry as we can cater to it too, because we have a golf training group for children to play, which is kids golf. This is because kids golf course size is different if compared to the normal golf size. 

On-course short game or driving range

If you want to try out if this sport called golf is suitable for you, we can provide a on-course short game or at the driving range for you to play some golf.

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