Benefits of Teens Learning to Play Golf

Many young people in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are interested in junior golfing and want to attend golfing class. Golf has changed from a game that was played by aristocratic to one that any ordinary civilian can play. It can be said that golf is an elegant sport that is green and healthy, which is very suitable for the youths. 

What are the benefits of learning golf?

Keep fit

Golf is a sport that improves body function from head to toe and from the inside out. It provides many benefits such as relieving eye fatigue, exercising the brain, strengthening bones, promoting nutrient absorption, improving blood circulation, and improving immunity. The teen who plays golf will soon have a strong and healthy body.

Farewell to obesity

The golf action is the whole body movement where the waist force to drive the upper limb to hit the ball. Regular golf can help to reduce the size of your waist and abdomen, it also strengthens the pelvic and abdominal muscles. The upper limbs are also used when hitting the ball, this exercises the chest and upper limbs. In addition a 18-hole golf game uses up 1,500 calories without you knowing it!

kids-golfing-training-klang-valleyMeet friends

The golf course provides a good social platform for young people to get to know a group of  friends who are also striving for progress and learn golf etiquette and rules. They explore opportunities and help each other, make progress together, and even build a friendship for life. This process of improving your social skills and networking will be very useful when the young person enters society in the future.

Calm independence

Golf is a sport that requires golfers to compete with their own self. In the process of playing, it depends on the individual to strive to surpass themselves. One does not compete merely on speed and strength, but it requires you to be calm, focused, rational and courageous. This golf training is very helpful in cultivating independence and calm thinking for young people.

Boost confidence

For young people with heavy academic activities, the role of golf is not only to exercise, but also to relax the tired body and mind. As one of the most challenging sports in the world, golf can provide a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. It helps young people to overcome depression, poor confidence and improve their ability to handle stress.

If you are looking for junior golf lessons in Klang Valley for your children, you can speak to our golf pros for more information.