Teaching Children to Play Golf

Read more about our golf pros based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor top tips when teaching teenagers and children to play golf.

Training is kid centered

In the process of training young people to play golf, we usually avoid using professional terminology. Our pros explain things to them in words they can understand and praise every little progress they make to encourage them.

Praise and encouragement given for progress made

teenager-golf-lessons-klang-valleyWhen children are learning to play golf, we do not pressure them to improve.  If it is not timely, the results will often be counterproductive. Instead, we often use praise and encouragement to help them build confidence and play better.

Provide sufficient practice time for teenagers

Golf seems simple, but it involves a lot of skills and rules. It is difficult to improve without a lot of practice. Parents should try to create sufficient practice time for their children, let them have more exposure to golf, and allow them to observe and learn in the process. When they train on this basis, it will help their game to progress faster.

Cultivate interest in playing

Learning the correct grip and posture is basic in golf. For teenagers forcing the correct grip and posture in the early stages may make them resist and lose interest in golf. Therefore, the golf training should follow the child’s pace, let them use their own understanding of the swing to hit the ball and have fun in the sport. Then it is simple and easy to teach the aspects of learning golf.

Prepare suitable equipment for young learners 

In general, there are usually two considerations for golf equipment: one is the length of the club and the other is whether the club’s material is too hard or heavy. The clubs need to be suitable in terms of length and weight. This is especially important as children are shorter than adults and the clubs they are using are should not be too long or too heavy as this will affect their ability to develop a good golf swing.

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